Dear Parents and Guardians,
conferences on Monday, November 20
Tuesday, Novembe
r 21
(both of these days will be
early release at 12:30 pm).
I hope you all have
the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher.
It is important for you to understand and be
involved in your child’s academic
I hope you all have a wonder
ful Thanksgiving break
d have the opportunity to spend time with family
and friends.
Take care,
Dear Wakefield Parents/Guardians and Residents,


The safety and security of students is always the top priority for school administrators.  It is a topic we visit and revisit each school year.  Considering the most recent school tragedy, we want to share with you the following.

  • We have Emergency Operating Procedures that are reviewed annually.

  • We have many security features already in place at the Paul School.

  • We have applied for a security grant that will enhance the security already in place.

  • We have invited the new Wakefield Police Chief to meet with administration to discuss further ways we can work together to enhance security.

  • The students and staff practice lock-downs to ensure that they know the best ways to stay safe in a threat situation.

  • The district will have a representative to the upcoming Department of Education School Threat and Violence Prevention Training.

  • During each budget season we study and possibly recommend structural changes that enhance the structural security of the building.

In additional, it is our belief that the most effective way to ensure safety is to know our students and families.  The Paul School, like many schools in New Hampshire, have a small school advantage of being familiar with students or families who need extra attention.  We do our best to connect them with people and services they need.

While no security, safety net or plans are foolproof, we can do much to make our students and staff as safe as we can.  And we will continue to do so at SAU 101, as it will always be our number one priority.


Christine Tyrie & Jerry Gregoire


Community Advisory Group

It’s new and improved!  The Community Liaison Group will morph into the Community Advisory Group.  This is an opportunity for parents/guardians and community members to hear more about what is happening in our schools and have open question and answer opportunities with the SAU 101 Superintendent and Paul School Principal.   Each month we will present one topic, be open to suggested topics from attendees, and have free time for question and answer.

We schedule meetings at the SAU conference room on the third Monday of the month from 10:00 to 11:00 am.  Please let us know if you have a topic to add to the agenda in April.  Please email info@sau101.org with any suggestions.   Please watch this site for more info regarding the April meeting.


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